Jewelry Liquidation Services

Steps to selling your unwanted Jewelry, Diamonds or Gemstones

Did you inherit jewelry you will not wear? Are you an executor for an estate without decedents? Maybe you want to convert the value of the diamond into cash or you just want to know the best way to sell your jewelry?

Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals can provide you several services to assist you in liquidating your items.
We are happy to assist with one item or an entire estate. We will consult with you to determine the value of what you have and its potential marketability. We discuss all your options, step-by-step, in an effort to educate you to make the best decision possible.

Opportunities include private sale, either through classified advertising or by networking to family, friends and co-workers; the Internet (we can provide a digital image if you would like); auction and selling on consignment or directly to the jewelry trade.

We charge a consultation fee of $70 per half-hour unless you choose to broker your jewelry with us. If we broker your item, fees are waived in lieu of the commission we receive upon your authorization to accept an offer and sell it. If we do not obtain offers to meet your expectation, you are always welcome to end the process and retrieve your jewelry. We would complete an appraisal on the item and only charge you our standard appraisal fee.

Jewelry Broker Services:

In the interest of serving our clients, we decided to begin brokering jewelry several years ago. Numerous clients told us stories of not knowing how to go about disposing of unwanted or unneeded items of jewelry, so the idea was born to assist them in this endeavor.

We look at a variety of issues when assisting with an item, including the following:

  • The style/period of the jewelry or stones and the strength of the market for those items.
  • How much time the client has to sell the items – the general rule is the longer the length of time, the better the outcome depending on the market conditions.
  • The condition and rarity of the item, whether it is from a famous maker/couture house

At that point, an evaluation is made on the best way to sell the property. After many years of working in this industry, we have strong alliances with many of the top dealers and auction houses nationwide.

We work with dealers and retailers to sell your item for top dollar – we do not broker to the public. We have good relationships with dozens of dealers and retailers to whom we provide repeat business, thus encouraging sales of increased value. Depending on your time frame, we can broker your item through a silent auction, which encourages competitive bidding, or even on consignment to a retailer. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to sell your items for a competitive price.

Is brokering your jewelry always a good idea? To be completely honest, no, not always. The less your item is worth, the less you need this service.

Our commission is 15% of the accepted offer amount.

Are you looking to sell your scrap gold?

  • Want to sell your old gold?
  • We can weigh and estimate your old gold for purchase.
  • We proudly pay 80% of the gold spot price at the time of your visit. (Be sure to always ask anyone providing this service what percentage he/she pays.)

So many consumers are now selling their scrap gold but don’t know where to start. Are you wondering what your gold is worth? Let us help you determine the value. We will weigh your items and examine or test your item’s metal fineness. We will then determine an estimated fair market value for your gold. Charges for this service are included in our consultation fees as quoted above.

Jewelry Photography Services

To sell your jewelry online – from a website, eBay or other online auctions – you’ll need to post good, clear pictures of your items. We can provide you with images of your jewelry which we will take in our gemological laboratory and email to you.