Litigation Support

Legal Support and Expert Testimony

Seeking the services of a professional jewelry appraiser may be required if a dispute arises pending litigation. Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals are experienced in providing what you need to secure a successful outcome. We offer a variety of ways to support you.


Formal documentation providing specific characteristics of gems and jewelry items can secure important details on each piece in question. The multi-page, in-depth analysis covers every aspect of the item while assigning replacement value.

Your appraisal report is admissible in court.

Every appraisal report issued conforms to the standards set forth by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Hypothetical Appraisals

Litigation sometimes involves jewelry that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. This prohibits the appraiser from examining the items in their original condition, and often the jewelry cannot be inspected at all. We can help. Our experts can create appraisals by compiling available data, client information, jewelry store records and research in order to establish replacement value while maintaining ethical and professional standards.

Attorney and/or Client Legal Consultation

A well-educated, professionally-trained, independent jewelry appraiser possesses the expertise to provide opinions of value in an unbiased manner to aid the court in reaching a just decision.

Employing tools, techniques and examples, Mr. Jarvis can assist counsel in obtaining more accurate descriptions of missing, damaged or destroyed jewelry.

Consultations are commonly useful in divorce or estate settlements. Mr. Jarvis can review all quantities of jewelry, separate them into categories by value, determine authenticity (ie. natural vs. synthetic, fine vs. costume) and provide verbal value ranges for easy equitable distribution.

Mr. Jarvis can examine jewelry to determine whether items have been altered, repaired, chipped, broken or damaged provoking a dispute.