Steven Jarvis saved me thousands of dollars when his sharp eye caught a tiny chip in my fiancée’s engagement diamond.  My jeweler, an expert located in the NYC diamond district and used by our family for over a decade, was incredulous and believed the chip was a natural flaw reported on the stone’s GIA report.  However, out of respect for Mr. Jarvis’ opinion and my family’s business, the jeweler agreed to send the diamond to the GIA for re-evaluation.

The GIA confirmed Mr. Jarvis’ finding.  Although I am new to the DFW area, and found Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals through the Internet without recommendation, their superlative work has made them the only stop for all of our appraisal needs.

Michael J. Castellano

Reference: Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals – Estate Jewelry

Mr. Steven Jarvis did an extraordinary job of helping my family to sort through many items of jewelry that we had been given after a death in the family. We did not have the knowledge or background to sort through everything and identify genuine pieces from costume pieces.

Mr. Jarvis was patient with us and took the time to answer each question thoroughly. He treated us with consideration and respect and never talked down to us. Initially, I was uncomfortable seeking out the services of a jewelry appraisal professional for this purpose. However, Mr. Jarvis was pleasant to deal with, truthful, and concerned that he had completely satisfied our needs. He offered difficult to find services for pieces that required restoration or extra care and went above and beyond to be sure we were informed of every option available.

We were delighted with his services and highly recommend Mr. Steven Jarvis for all appraisal needs.

Signed: Joanne M. Colyer

To Potential Clients of Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals

Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals has been an outstanding appraisal service provider for my company from the very first day we used their services.

Steven Jarvis has excellent people skills, is completely dependable and time sensitive and is knowledgeable in all areas of gem and jewelry appraisals. Steven goes above and beyond what is customary to ensure his client’s satisfaction.

I have found Steven Jarvis to be a man of integrity; completely trustworthy in what he represents on his appraisals. I highly recommend Jarvis Gems and Jewelry Appraisals for your jewelry appraisal needs.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding Steven Jarvis. My company is J Pratt Designs and we have been designing and hand-crafting fine jewelry in the Dallas area for 18 years and have been using appraisers in Dallas for most of that time. Again, I highly recommend Steven Jarvis.


Jennifer Pratt
J Pratt Designs

“Professional, Experienced, Great Price for the Service! Before having an amazing experience through Jarvis I took my diamond engagement setting to a local brick and mortar shop for an appraisal; which ended in the jeweler tossing my ring back at me after I informed him of where I purchased my diamond. Following that experience I learned, without question, how important it is to get jewelry appraised from a certified and experienced independent Graduate Gemologist like Steve Jarvis.

I’d also like to point out that insurance companies require a certain caliber of appraisal to insure jewelry and Jarvis’s tools and technology provide the degree of analysis necessary to give an accurate and honest appraisal respected throughout the industry.”

Kenneth Smith

“I bought an engagement ring online that came with an appraisal and certification. However, I wanted to get a second opinion to ensure that the diamond was legit and to decide if I should keep it or send it back. I found Steven Jarvis online, emailed him and scheduled an appointment within days.

Steven was extremely professional and customer friendly. He examined the ring in great detail and provided me with a comprehensive appraisal. To my relief, his evaluation was identical to the certification that I received from the online company where I purchased the ring.

The $95 and 30 minutes that I spent in his office was well worth the peace of mind I had when I left. I highly recommend Steven Jarvis for any diamond appraisal.”

Jason O’Rourke

“I’ve been to 4 different appraisers over the last few months, and Steve Jarvis was by far the most professional and customer friendly of the bunch. I sat and watched as he inspected the jewelry I’d brought and he made me feel comfortable the entire time.

Once finished, he presented me with a very comprehensive appraisal report. I have no doubt that I will be returning with more items for him to inspect soon. This man deserves your attention and your business.”

Mark Marrow

Extremely impressed! Originally, I was referred to an appraiser next door to Steve and pretty much got what I paid for. He reminded me a few times that I should have bought an engagement ring from his store, he glanced at the diamond, walked back to his office, and yelled out a number to his assistant that wasn’t even the price I bought it for! My gut told me the $40 dollars I had spent got me nowhere, so I found Jarvis Gems.

This was a night and day difference because Steve was very professional and took time to actually sit down with me to explain what he was doing. We found that the quality of my diamond was even better than what was listed, and he had a screen attached to his microscope so I could see everything he was seeing. I felt much more comfortable and confident that I was getting the best service possible.

I walked away with an extremely professional binder and certification for the appraisal and I highly recommend Steve for any appraisal needs you might have. Coming into this, I had no idea what an appraisal would cost. Spend the extra dollars to get someone that knows, and cares, about what they’re doing.

Kirk Kelley

Highly recommend! I have dealt with Steve Jarvis and his company several times in the past year and am impressed with his integrity and knowledge of the jewelry industry.

Joan Reynolds